Why Goals are Useless

But, the internet is full of inspiring memes and quotes about goals and fitness.  Right?  Maybe, but those things inspire you for about a minute and you go back to your normal life.

Goals are useless in fitness and health.  I want to lose weight.  I want to get stronger.  I want to be healthier.  I want to look better.  These are all goals that hardly measurable.  These broad goals are why so many fail at fitness.

If you were traveling to a new location, would you just drive there without directions or a GPS?  No, because you would get lost and waste your time.  Then you would be asking someone for directions in a bad neighborhood who may or may not be a drug dealer (personal story lol).  So why would you set broad goals for your fitness and health?

I am a strong believer in setting a clear and reasonable objectives for my fitness and nutrition goals.  I want to add 20 pounds to my bench press in 10 weeks.  I want to lose five pounds in 10 weeks.  I want to run one mile in seven minutes after one month of training.  This are all clearly defined and reasonable outcomes.

Before setting any objective you must access where you are at right now.  If you can only bench press 100lbs today, you shouldn’t be setting an objective of benching 200lbs in eight weeks.  Any fitness expert that says you are going to add 100lbs to your bench in eight weeks is a selling you hot air.  You should be aiming for a reasonable outcome of 20lbs in 10 weeks.  Once you reach the desired outcome you can set a new objective.

Tips for setting Objectives:

  1. Make them reasonable (small progress is better than no progress)
  2. Look at them in writing every day (put them on your refrigerator or as an alert on your phone)
  3. They must be measurable (five pounds of weight loss in 10 weeks is better than I want to lose weight)
  4. Develop a plan (determine what steps you will take to complete your objective)
  5. Focus (remind yourself why you want to achieve this objective)


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