The Power of the Dead(lift)


BOOM!  A sound that makes chubby soccer moms at local fitness clubs cringe.  The sound that draws attention of everyone in the gym.  That is the sound of a heavy DEADLIFT hitting the floor.

As far as I am concerned the Deadlift is the single best exercise on the planet.  Period. End of story.

Want to get strong?  Deadlift!  Want to add muscle?  Deadlift!  Want to improve cardiovascular health?  Deadlift!  Want to get leaner?  Deadlift!  Want to have a great ass? Deadlift!  Want to just lift something heavy because you are mad at the world?  Deadlift!  Want to run faster and jump higher?  Deadlift!

No exercise movement can accomplish more bang for your buck than the Deadlift!  To work all the muscles involved in the Deadlift you would have to do planks, rows, curls, calf raises, hamstring curls, leg extensions, and shrugs.  That is seven exercises that still won’t build the strength of the deadlift.

However, if you step in most gyms in America you won’t see much Deadlifting going on.  Why?  Well, this is do to a few reasons.

First, there has been a ton of bad rumors spread about the Deadlift over the years.  You will hurt your back, it is not safe, it is hard, etc.  You drive to work on a daily basis, don’t you?  Well, driving is about the most dangerous thing any of us do on a daily basis. Bending over to grab a barbell and standing up with it doesn’t qualify as dangerous in my book Captain Coward.  The Deadlift builds a strong back, glutes, and hamstrings which prevents back problems.

Second, most people in gyms don’t have a FUCKING CLUE on how to train.  They get their advice from internet forums, info from bros, articles written by random sources, or worst of all fitness magazines.  For all that is good on the Internet, there is just as much bad.  You can’t tell me 15 bodyweight butt shaping exercises is going to build the muscle and fitness of a few sets of Barbell Deadlifts.

Third, most people like easy.  People want to get to the desired end result the easiest way possible.  They don’t want to step out of their comfort zone.  They don’t want to try something new.  They don’t want to make noise in the gym and draw attention.  And most importantly…they don’t actually want results.  They say they do, but their actions speak otherwise.

If you are reading this I am guessing you want to make a change in your life.  You want to improve your health and fitness.  You are tired of being average.  The Deadlift can change your life.

Below, I have attached a few Deadlift Demonstration Videos for your assistance.

Deadlift Demo

Deadlift Demo Side

20-rep Deadlifts for fat loss

A few very important tips for Deadlifting:

  1. Foot Position (Pretend like you are going to do a vertical jump…That is where your feet should be)
  2. Bar should be over your mid-foot
  3. Take a breathe into your stomach…not your chest
  4. Grab the bar as tight as possible (Squeeze)
  5. Keep your chest up (head should be neutral or looking 10 feet in front of you)
  6. Stick your butt back
  7. Pull the bar back and up
  8. Lower the bar back to the floor controlled, but not slow
  9. Don’t bounce the weight…that is cheating and you are not impressing anyone

Now, go and DEADLIFT!


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