Do you seize the day or do you live to fight another day?

Well, it just so happens that as I am writing this article I am battling an Upper Respiratory Infection that is kicking my ass.

This is where a little bit of honesty with yourself goes along way.  You have to ask yourself some questions.  If you go to the gym are you going to be able to do anything productive? Or are you going to lay in the fetal position on an exercise mat until a gym employee asks you to leave?

I have had many spectacular workouts when I was sick.  Maybe it was a rush of adrenaline?  Maybe it was that I was focused on getting it done so I could go back to laying down?  Or maybe it was that I would hate myself if I missed a workout.  I really hate to miss workouts!!!

But, there are also days like yesterday where I could not pull myself out of bed to go to the gym at all.  I knew I was too weak and it would be foolish to try.  I would be better served to refuel my body with vital nutrients and do something many adults don’t have time to do….rest!

If you are sick with a minor inconvenience going to the gym may be beneficial.  Exercise will get you breathing better and the blood flow could speed up your healing process.  What I have noticed is that my strength usually holds steady when battling a cold, but my endurance goes down the toilet.  I adapt to this by cutting down the volume.  No point in exhausting yourself when you can hardly breathe.

Also, as strange as it sounds I don’t cough when I lift weights.  Not just during a set, but the whole workout.  However, that is usually short-lived and it comes back later in the day.  But, it sure is nice not to bark like a dog for an hour or so.

What I recommend to anyone who has a scheduled workout, but is feeling under the weather is to do some warm-up moves at home or work before going to the gym.  If you can do that without hacking up a lung or needing a trip to the emergency room you might be fine to workout.  What we don’t want is for people to get in to a habit of quitting when the slightest little ailment pops up.  Quitting is a nasty habit, that can be extremely addictive.  However, if you feel like crap on a stick you might be better served to go lay down and rest.

The point is to use your brain.  God gave it to you for a reason.  If you know today is not your friend, maybe tomorrow will be.  It is better to postpone a workout by a day then to have a really bad workout out of stubbornness.

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