Everyone has that friend or family member who is always in need of money.  He/she will hound and beg everyone around until someone lends them some money.  Why?  One, because someone out there is a big enough sucker to enable him/her.  Two, because that person can’t help it.  The second they get money they have to spend it.  They fail to INVEST and save money.  Maybe they were never taught financial responsibility.  Maybe they have a personal problem/addiction.  Or maybe they are just a loser.

When people hear the word INVEST they automatically think money, retirement, and future.  Your future is something you should absolutely invest in or you will be working until the day you die.  I am a believe that we were created to do more than just work.  However, this article is not about financial investment.  This article is about personal investment.  You must invest in yourself if you are going to live the best life possible.


It has been said many times that you have nothing if you don’t have your health.  You could be a billionaire, but if you aren’t healthy are you really rich?  We all have 24 hours in a day.  No matter how busy our lives may be, we still have 24 hours in a day.  Doesn’t it make sense to make your fitness a priority for one of those hours?  You can ride a bike, walk, lift weights, play a sport, or a combination of things.  The point is to move your body.

Time for some math here.  If you have 365 days in a year and you exercise for one hour a day each day you have exercised for 365 hours.  That means you have invested 365 hours into your health bank.  If you do this starting now, you will live a longer, healthier, and better life.  You will be far less likely to catch many diseases that are caused by obesity and lack of movement, (i.e. heart disease, diabetes, and many cancers).


Isn’t it ironic how people have no problem buying a luxury car that takes premium gas, but if you ask them to spend a few extra dollars on organic they go into full-blown “no way” mode?  So what you are saying is that feeding your car is more important than feeding yourself.  It is not just vehicles.  That designer clothing, designer purse, designer wallet, etc.  People have no problem spending money on nice things, but spening money on healthy food is taboo.

Despite what you have been told by bullshit artists and people who talk out of their ass, healthy eating does not have to be that expensive.  A single person could easily eat healthy every week for $50-$75 based on their size, activity level, and personal taste.  When I was single and buying food just for myself I made it a point to spend less than $50 per week on food.  That included chicken breast, lean meat, tuna, oatmeal, bananas, apples, broccoli, milk, eggs, peas, lettuce, brown rice, and peanut butter.  Also, about three times a year I would order protein powder on the internet.  For most people $50 a week is not that much to invest in your health.   You could easily spend $50 on dinner for two at just about any decent restaurant and that is just one meal.

How much does an “extra value meal” cost?  $7?  $8?  That is about 2,000 calories of trans fat, bad carbs, and all-around crap.  The point is eating out can be very expensive and you usually aren’t getting good quality food.  A meal with a chicken breast, brown rice, and broccoli would ultimately cost you about $1 to $2 when all is said and done and takes about zero cooking skills.

So please stop the excuses of healthy eating is expensive.  You are only hurting yourself with excuses.


Health is not just physical.  Mental health is very important to living a healthy life.  I am a big believer in that the mind helps the body and the body helps the mind.  When you are killing your workouts the little crap in life tends to bother you a lot less.  Also, when you have a strong mindset it is much easier to stick to your workout and diet schedules.

READ every day.  Find something that interests you.  Read a book.  Read articles on a subject that you want to learn more about.  I would say read a newspaper or news website, but it may be fake news and make you dumber lol.  Personally, I read articles from those I admire and have a writing style that I can relate too.  If you bore me with a bunch of trying to sound too smart or you can’t keep my attention I will move on…quickly.

Be the person that others go to for information.  Be that guy or gal that others admire for their brain.  Be the person others want to learn from and are not afraid to ask for an opinion or advice.  Why?  Because helping others makes you feel better.  Who doesn’t like to help others and be complimented for it?


Take part in a hobby.  If you have something that you like to do make time for it.  If it makes you happy, just do it!  Despite what others may say, you are not wasting time.  All you have is time.  It is your choice how you use it.

Go somewhere nice that you have never been to.  Whether it is nearby or far away.  If you want to go there, make sure you go there.  Life is not about regrets.  Life is for living.  I can be pretty spontaneous.  On many occasions, I have woken up and looked up a new place to go hiking.  I pack my stuff and my hiking buddy (3-year-old son) and we drive to the spot.  We get to go somewhere new and spend quality time together.  I am teaching him to connect with nature and he loves it.  This is a bonding experience that allows us to visit different places.

Take a vacation!  I don’t know about you, but just the thought of a vacation gets me all giddy inside.  It has been said that parents do not go on vacation, they just watch their kids in a different city.  This may be partially true.  However, I have never been less happy with my kids on vacation than I was not on vacation.  If you have vacation time at work and you are afraid to use it….I feel very sorry for you.  You are clearly living to work instead of working to live.  Vacation days were created for a reason.  Working all the time is not healthy.

Instead of always doing what you have to do, spend time doing what you want to do.  Make time to spend with the people you want to do things with, not just the people you are obligated to spend time with.

You can’t make memories without spending your time doing things that are memorable.


It is not selfish to make yourself a priority in your own life.  If you don’t take care of yourself….nobody else will.  As an adult, you are not going to be reminded by others to eat, to exercise,  or to live your life.  That responsibility is yours.

Hopefully, after reading this something clicks and you make positive changes to benefit yourself.  Call this an enlightenment article or don’t.  Investment is a personal opportunity.  You can do it or not.  But, don’t expect the pity parade if you don’t.

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