Organic Wheat Grass is something special that so many people have never heard of.  Anytime diet comes up in conversation, I always bring up the powers of Organic Wheat Grass.  Why?  Because it works!


I stumbled across Organic Wheat Grass when I had a surgical wound that would not heal.  I went to a wound care center daily to get the wound treated.  It ended up healing slowly only to reopen a short time later.  An open wound is never a good thing and can lead to infection.  I tried many natural products and ate healthy, but this wound would not stay healed.  Luckily, the powers of the Internet directed me to this fantastic superfood.  I took a tablespoon mixed in cold water and drank it daily.  Guess what?  That hard-to-heal wound ended up healing in a month.


Organic Wheat Grass  is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.  In fact, it contains all the minerals known to man.  It is loaded with Vitamin A, B-complex, C, E, and K.  It has 2 grams of high quality protein per serving and 17 amino acids.


An added bonus is that Organic Wheat Grass is the best living source of Chlorophyll available to humans.  Chlorophyll is important because it promotes healthy red blood cells.  Chlorophyll can slow down the aging process.  I am a true believer in this.  When I tell people how old I am they are shocked.  They tell me I look much younger than I am.  Up until recently I still got carded at R-Rated movies lol.


The magic of Chlorophyll helps to detoxify the liver.  Detox and cleanses are all the rage now, and something as simple as drinking Organic Wheat Grass daily can keep you feeling good.  It is much more powerful than most of the juice cleanses people waste their time and money on.


Drinking Organic Wheat Grass daily has been shown to prevent tooth decay.  This has much to do with the detoxifying qualities of the Chlorophyll.  Also, if you have a toothache try to keep Organic Wheat Grass in your mouth for a few minutes for relief.


All vegetables contain fiber and help with digestion.  However, Organic Wheat Grass is the pound-for-pound champ.  Daily Organic Wheat Grass consumption will prevent constipation and lead to better bowel movements.


Most adults would like more energy.  Many resort to coffee/tea or sugary caffeinated soft drinks for energy.  Why not take a shot of nature’s energy instead?  I guarantee you will feel better immediately after.  In fact, I have been using Organic Wheat Grass in my pre-workout regime for years.  If it didn’t help I wouldn’t waste my time and money.


Organic Wheat Grass is a vegetable.  Mother always told you eat more vegetables.  It doesn’t get any quicker or easier to take down a serving of veggies than this.  Broccoli is a superstar of the vegetable kingdom.  However, as far as I am concerned Organic Wheat Grass is the king.  I eat broccoli about every day.  However, I make sure to consume Organic Wheat Grass every day no matter what.


Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Low-Carb, High-Carb, High-Protein, Vegan, Alkaline Diet, etc.  It does not matter how you eat.  At 35 calories per serving, 4 grams of carbs (2 grams of fiber), and 2 grams of protein you can easily fit it into any diet.


What if I told you that if you consumed a certain food daily you could drastically decrease your chances of getting cancer.  Would you eat that food?  I sure hope so!  Well this is that food.  That magical Chlorophyll builds your immune system and increases oxygen flow to your cells.  Organic Wheat Grass is one of the most Alkaline foods on the planet and has anti-cancer properties.


If you search the Internet you will find people who cured their cancer with high dosages of Organic Wheat Grass.  I was a bit skeptical of this myself.  However, around December 2016 my 94-year-old Grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer.  She never smoked and was a very active person who still worked and drove up until this diagnosis.  She refused to go through chemotherapy or other treatments.  She ended up falling and breaking her hip and undergoing a hip replacement surgery.  Welcome to the club Grandma lol.  At the hospital the doctors were informed of her cancer diagnosis.  So they had to run tests prior to surgery.  However, they could not find the cancer.  How could this be?  She did not receive any cancer treatment.  Well, the power of Organic Wheat Grass, a Vegan Diet, and Alkaline Water might have done the trick.  In fact, my Grandma inspired me so much that I started drinking more Alkaline Water and eating more vegetables in addition to my consumption of Organic Wheat Grass.  I am not saying Organic Wheat Grass is the cure for cancer, but I am saying it certainly something you should be consuming.


Many people mix Organic Wheat Grass into a smoothie.  Many people will mix it into a shot glass and drink it as fast as possible.  I am pretty boring in that I just mix it in cold water and drink it.  I am not going to lie the first time I drank it was not a pleasurable experience.  However, I am so used to it by now it has no taste or smell to me anymore.  So my advise is the first time you drink it, just down it as quick as possible.  Don’t play around with it.  You will get used to it quickly and you will appreciate the health benefits.


You could get it at a good quality grocery store and overpay.  Or you can do the smart thing and order it online at Amazon like I do.

Just click the link below and get this high quality superfood for a fraction of the price.

Organic Wheat Grass


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