It’s been weeks and you are making solid progress in your physique and/or weight loss goals.  You are straight up in the zone.  Then life happens.  You have a wedding, a party, a social gathering of friends, etc.  What do people do when they get together?  They eat, they drink adult beverages, and they have a good time.  Health is about balance.  You can’t be all work and no play.


The good news is most social gatherings occur in the evening hours.  This gives you time to prepare for the enormous amount of delicious calories you plan on consuming.  What I recommend is to eat far less during the daytime than you normally would.  If you normally consume 2,000 calories during the daytime hours cut it down to 1,000 calories. Cutting your calories in half is a good rule of thumb.   This gives you a nice buffer when it is time to go hard at night.


The second thing you should consider doing is to take in the majority of your protein earlier in the day.  Meals at weddings, parties, etc. tend to be heavier on the carbs and fat.  If you meet most of your daily protein needs before you get to the event, you will be much better off.  Remember protein is the key nutrient to building and maintain muscle.


Rule number 3 is to make sure you are well hydrated during the day.  This is especially important if you planning on knocking back a few with your buddies.  No need to go into unnecessary dehydration and destroy your progress.  My advice when it comes to drinking is to avoid high-calorie sugary drinks.  Also, light beer will save you some calories versus regular beer.  Scotch, Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, and Tequila all have around 64 calories per ounce.  That is not bad considering they pack a lot of bang for their buck.  So if you are mixing them with diet soda or taking them straight up you won’t have to worry too much about the calories.


A lot of people end up quite hungry after partying and enjoying adult beverages.  This is where conversations like “bro lets get some pizza, burgers, wings, donuts, unicorns, whatever” happen.  This is where people get crazy.  This is where if you are not careful you could end up devouring 3 days worth of calories.  Not speaking from personal experience or anything.  I’m not saying don’t enjoy yourself, but how much cardio do you want to do to make up for it?


You wake up the next morning and you admit that you ate a lot and I mean a lot at that wedding, party, celebration, or Friday night buffet.  So how do you fix it?  Well, the good news is it is really hard to destroy your diet during the course of one night.  If you don’t let those binge eating habits creep into your life you can make up for that crazy night rather quickly.


A good idea is to step on the scale and see what the damage is.  Chances are you only gained a few pounds and much of that is bloat from the excess carbs you took in.  So based on where you want to be you should make a temporary adjustment your diet.  By temporary a week should get you back to where you were pre-party.  Dropping the calories by 100-200 per day should get you back to where you were in about a week.  I recommend those calories come from carb sources.  Why?  Because carbs will make you hold the water weight.  If you cut your carbs for a week you will easily get back to your destination.  Then you can carry on your regularly scheduled program (if that is actually working).


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    1. Thanks for commenting. There probably are some studies regarding some of this. However, with studies you have to be careful because any study can be manipulated to fit the desired hypothesis.

      In terms of making sure to hydrate before drinking alcohol it is pretty simple. Alcohol pulls water from the body which can lead to a hangover. It only makes sense to hydrate beforehand to reduce the chance of dehydration and a hangover.

      In terms of calorie intake. It takes 3,500 more calories than you burn to gain a pound and on the flip side you have to burn 3,500 extra calories to lose a pound. So in reference to this article it you cut your early calorie intake in half it will give you wiggle room for the extra calorie intake we may consume in a social setting.

      There will be plenty more nutritional articles coming. Stay tuned.

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