I admire strength.  Not just because it is impressive to see someone lift superhero weights and objects.  But, because it takes discipline and dedication to get there.  Most of us aren’t born genetic freaks and mesomorphs.  Most people have to work and claw to get to respectable strength standards.  They don’t just work for a year or so and become elite.  They work for years and years to build incredible strength levels.

I have thought long and hard over the course of years before I put these strength standards in writing.  I created what I refer to as elite, hard-to-achieve, but possible without assistance (the performance enhancing type) standards.  The majority of these standards are built for a 200-lb man.  Why 200 lbs?  Because, I usually weigh around that number and I am biased lol.  However, in the interest of inclusion I will detail a conversion formula to fit with these standards.

These goals are all strength and strength endurance related.  When I think of the term “beast” I don’t think of a marathon runner.  I think of someone jacked and strong.  To be able to achieve these standards you will have to be both.  These lifts are raw.  No squat suits, bench shirts, or deadlift suits allow.  A belt and wraps are fine for Squats and Deadlifts.

Bench Press:  405×1 and 315×12 for a 200 lb man.  (2x body weight 1-rep max and 1.5 body weight x 12 reps)

Squat:  550×1 and 365 x 20 for a 200 lb man.  (2.75 x body weight 1-rep max and 1.825 x 20 reps)

Deadlift:  600×1 and 405 x 20 for a 200 lb man.  (3x body weight 1-rep max and 2x body weight for 20 reps)

Overhead Press (Barbell, Log, Axle, or Football Bar):  300×1 and 200×12 for a 200 lb man. (1.5x body weight 1-rep max and bodyweight x 12)

Barbell Curls: 135×12 strict reps (No swinging or humping the air here)

Pullups:  Body weight x 30 reps and 100 lbs x 10 (Body weight doesn’t matter here)

Dips (Parallel Bar aka Real Dips):  Body weight x 50 reps and 200 lbs x 5 (Body weight doesn’t matter here)

Pushups:  100 reps nonstop (body weight doesn’t matter here) 

You will notice a mix of 1-rep maxes, high reps sets, and bodyweight exercises here.  That is because a pound-for-pound beast most be strong, jacked, and conditioned.  There are plenty of people who can deadlift 600lbs, but would pass out trying to deadlift 405×20.  There are plenty of people who can do 100 pushups, but would be crushed by 405 on the bench press.

You may be able to do a few of these things.  You may know someone who can do a few of these things.  That is great and that person is on the right track to beastdom.

But, if you are able to reach all of these standards there is no denying you are an absolute beast.


What do you think?  What are your standards for being a pound-for-pound beast?  Comment below.

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