The Modern Man Has Become Emasculated

Society has greatly evolved from the beginning of human existence.  Technology has never been better.  Innovation is a thing of beauty.  In fact, things have never been easier for us humans than they are right now.  We have air conditioning, heat, television, smart phones, and an app for basically everything.  We don’t have much to complain about so we find little things to focus on and make them bigger than they are (see millennials protesting about everything).

With all the progress we have made as humans, there is one downfall.  Men have become less manly.  We don’t need to hunt or search for food.  Heck!  We can have it delivered to our door within a few minutes.  Most of us don’t work physical jobs.  So by default we lack strength, endurance, and ruggedness.  In fact, many men just can’t handle tough situations.  On top of all that, much of our food is processed garbage that results in decreased testosterone levels.  Lower t-levels lead to all sorts of health issues and the possibility of lady problems.

So how do we stop this downward spiral of unmanliness?  Do we force every 18-year-old male to serve in the military?  Possible, but coming from someone who served I think that would be a terrible idea.  The idea of forced military service would just lead to more incompetent and dead soldiers.  Do we have an Agoge like the Spartans did?  Sorry, don’t think that is happening in modern-day America.

I believe the best answer is physical exercise and eating better.  Exercise builds mental toughness.  Good whole foods regulate hormone levels.  If you are busting your ass a few days a week and striving to get better the little nuances in life seem to matter less.  Someone, cuts you off on the way to work.  Oh well, I just set a PR today on the Deadlift!  Have a nice day buddy.  Someone, said some hurtful comments to you today.  Screw that guy, I just squatted 400 lbs.  Money problems, girl problems, first world people problems?  I will just go run hill sprints until I puke.

Train For Something

The reason most men fail at exercise is they don’t have an endgame.  If you just exercise to not be fat or because you think women are going to be hot for you, let me tell you that is a strategy for failure.  You must have goals and dare I say objectives.  Milestones give you drive.  Drive is why people succeed.  Lack of drive is why people fail.  The first time I bench pressed 300 lbs I felt like I could crush the world.

Compete in Something

Powerlifting, strongman, bodybuilding, running, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race,  Crossfit, flag football, softball, etc.  Even a competition amongst a small group of people is great.  Competition is in our blood.  More importantly, it gives us a sense of purpose.  Nobody, wants to show up to a competition and be embarrassed.  This motivates you to train with a purpose.

Eat Better

If you can kill your food or grow it, you should probably eat it.  It is no secret that foods found in nature are better for you than manmade garbage.  If you can get it at a drive thru you probably shouldn’t eat it.  Lean beef, eggs, beans, nuts, tuna, salmon, shellfish, fruits, and veggies should be on the to eat list.  Vitamin D and Zinc are crucial to healthy testosterone levels.

Do Manly Things

Shoot guns.  Look at pretty women.  Challenge yourself to complete tasks.  Build something.  Constantly strive to improve.  Kick ass and take names!

Don’t be a victim and don’t complain about things you can’t change.  Seize the day and act like a man!




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