Health Products That Work

The following products are what I  use on a daily basis.  They all serve an important process in muscle building, fat burning, and general health.

turmeric is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.  It has made a huge difference in how my body feels. It works great for joint pain.

creatine is a great strength building supplement that has been around for years. Take one teaspoon before a workout for a power boost.

whey protein is a necessity for muscle building a d fat burning.  I use it twice a day to get in extra protein.

casein protein is great to drink before bed.  It is a long lasting protein that gets you through the night.  A neccisity to stay in muscle building mode.

fish oil is great for your heart, skin, and joints.  Most of us don’t eat enough high quality fish so fish oil makes sense.  I take a pill twice a day.

organic wheat grass is one of the healthiest foods you can put into your body.  It has anti-cancer properties and is amazing for wound healing.  Some cancer patients claim to have cured their cancer with organic wheat grass.  I start my day with a serving every morning.

vitamin c is a great vitamin to boost your immune system and help your body recover from workouts.

multivitamin is a must for every human.  No matter how good your diet is you will not get enough vitamins.  A good multivitamin can be a huge boost.

Melatonin is a cheap and great way to get better sleep.  I personally recommend it to anyone who needs better quality sleep.  Which is basically every adult on the planet.